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FoxSmart Filament

Foxsmart is a US based filament company that claims to make their filament out of US made materials. The boxes their filament come from all say "Made in China" which suggest that they're shipping US material over to China to have it be extruded over there. To read their website, however, very much gives you the impression that they're trying to pass themselves off as a US made filament manufacturer, something that got me when I had first ordered. It wasn't for quite a while after that I noticed the country of origin on the box...

Foxsmart filament comes on awkward rolls. They're smaller around, but longer, meaning that they're a bit of a PIA to fit on most spool holders. Also, the tight core of the spool means that when you get near the end of the roll, the filament is wound so tightly that it's almost unusable. I wound up throwing out the last 20 or so grams of more than one spool out of pure frustration.

The colors of this filament are, for the most part, rather nice. Their green is an impressive neon shade, though their gold is rather lackluster. Most of them also have the problem of being somewhat slippery, having adhesion issues. This does vary per color and spool, however. The transparent colors are the worst offenders, as is the yellow (of which I did not have enough left to print a sample with the large volumes of failed prints. Which is a bit of shame, as it was quite a nice color)

Foxsmart is one of the cheaper filaments at around $13-$17 a KG. However, being a Chinese produced filament, this price point isn't very impressive, and the adhesion and spool issues make it not quite worth the price, especially when you figure in shipping.


Foxsmart Black PLA
CoO: China


Foxsmart Gold PLA
CoO: China

Translucent (2)

Metallic Level:Poor (3)


Foxsmart Silver PLA
CoO: China

Mostly Opaque (8)

Metallic Level:Good (7)


Foxsmart Translucent Blue PLA
CoO: China


Foxsmart Green PLA
CoO: China


Foxsmart Brown PLA
CoO: China


Foxsmart Orange PLA
CoO: China


Foxsmart Transparent Red PLA
CoO: China


Foxsmart Pink PLA
CoO: China


Foxsmart Purple PLA
CoO: China