Misadventures in 3Dprinting
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The Reviewers

David T

New to 3D printing, David obtained his first printer in December of 2016, a Monoprice Select Mini. He uses this mostly to print cookie cutters for Jammy Dodger the Bakery, but prints other items in his downtime to sharpen his skills.

While new to printing, David prints mostly in PETG. What he lacks in experience he makes up by showing how your products can be used by those new to printing. As such, he is open to almost anything. He is looking forward to putting his technical skills to use by assembling a kit as well as testing the extent to which products can be used out-of-the-box without modifications.


Never one to do anything by halves, Fran has made it a mission to get every single color filament possible in PLA. Look upon the filament collection, ye mighty, and despair...

Fran's first printer, an MP Select Mini was gotten in summer 2016 and worked to the bone before it died a tragic death due to a botched soldering job. It was soon replaced by a MP Select v2 and a Malyan 180 which were both given ridiculous nicknames. While the Select (Rumbletron) has been relegated to the corner of shame, the m180 (2-Headed Monster) lives on and has been joined by a XYZ Davinci Pro (Jumbotron) both of which run near constantly.

Most of Fran's printing is of Spinner Rings and various silly sundries that can be found on Etsy and various meat-space stores.


Max is the mastermind of this entire project. His plan was brilliant as it was simple: in order to get 3D printers for free he conned a bunch of internet people into helping him in exchange for even more free 3D printers. So far all they have manged is a couple of spools of material but hey gotta start somewhere right?

Max's background is plastic engineering, a subject he simply will never ever shut up about ever. He is a 25+ year veteran of the injection molding and extrusion industries and has huffed more flavors of plastic smoke than you can ever imagine.


A self-proclaimed Jill-of-all-Trades (yet master of none), JoAnne started down the 3D printing rabbit hole in February 2014 with the acquisition of a used Solidoodle 4.

Within a couple of months the upgrading began in the quest for better prints and that continued until there is little left of the original machine. Soon after, the first kit printer was purchased and assembled, followed by another kit and then a 2nd SD4, and that was followed by a large format kit, the Folgertech FT-5 dubbed The Beast.

The first kit printer has gone on to a new home, but the others remain, joined by one more - a beta testing unit for a total of 5 printers in the stable.

A more recent acquisition is an Atlas 3D scanner - a new challenge to be mastered!