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FoxSmart Filament

JoAnne : ABS

Color: Green (neon green)

Package was delivered via FedEx

Received 2 spools of filament, the spool of green ABS and a spool of Red PLA. Inside the main package were 2 boxes, each with one spool of filament. Filament is vacuum sealed, tightly, with desiccant included inside.

Upon opening the vacuum sealed bag, I discovered the spool is also wrapped with narrow stretch wrap as well

Spools are the smaller diameter, wide width variety.

Average diameter - 9 measurements over approx 7 feet: 1.72mm

Roundness - appears to be pretty consistent in diameter, very slight ovaling, but not nearly as much as some others I have used.

Test printer:
Solidoodle 4 - heavily modified
E3D v6 hotend, direct drive extruder
Hale heated bed at 95C
Mirror tile print surface with Hairspray.

Test Prints:
Initial Print - Single wall calibration cube (x2 for calibration & verification)
Print speed: 40mm/s
Layer height: 0.2963 (0.3 equivalent on an SD4)

After Calibration Print: Left pinky splint
Print Speed: 40mm/s
Layer Height: 0.2963 (0.3 equivalent on an SD4)
Top & bottom layers: 3 ea
Infill: 70%

Test print 1: Sharkz!
Print Speed: 40mm/s
Layer Height: 0.2963 (0.3 equivalent on an SD4)
Top & bottom layers: 3 ea
Infill: 50%
Hotend: 235C
Bed: 90C

Printed well, bridging is great, no sagging at all.

Test Print 2: Cube with Arrow
Print Speed: 40mm/s
Layer Height: 0.2963 (0.3 equivalent on an SD4)
Top & bottom layers: 3 ea
Infill: 50%
Hotend: 235C
Bed: 90C

Again, printed well, surface finish is nice and smooth, walls clean

Test Print 3: Print in place Gyro
Print Speed: 40mm/s
Layer Height: 0.2963 (0.3 equivalent on an SD4)
Top & bottom layers: 3 ea
Infill: 50%
Hotend: 235C
Bed: 90C

Printed very well, when removing from the bed, it started turning all on its own with no need to break it free as with other prints. (the design of the piece is quite good for this to happen)

Foxsmart recommends 240-255 for the ABS... I started at my standard 235, then bumped the temp up to 240 during the initial calibration print.

There is a very slight difference in the look of the printed piece between the two temps, the 235 appears slightly duller, while the 240 has a little more sheen to it. This is NOT a very obvious difference however, you really have to be looking for it to see it.

Layer adhesion is good at either temp, I could not poke my fingernail through it at all. It took a lot of force to break the single wall away from the base (235C part of the print)

No major issues with this filament at all during printing. Even the messy looking spooling seems to be no problem, it has unspooled smoothly and evenly - no snags or tangles as yet. Manufacturing & spooling processes are leaving some minor bends in the finished material but overall it has not been a problem so far.

Not sure I would call this a "premium" filament as claimed on the website, but it is decent enough, and the price point is good.

I would actually buy this material again, and I have actually recommended it to someone already that was looking for a green in this shade.

David : PLA

Bed type: Custom cut glass.
Adhesive: Studio brand all-purpose glue stick
Printer: MP Mini Select
Relevant Mods: filament filter, glass bed, spool holder

Note - FoxSmart PLA spools do not fit on the stock spool holder.

Statement of Bias: Until recently, the bulk of my experience was PETG. I've used only two other sources of PLA, which were AMZ3D Natural and Monoprice Black. In addition, my lessened experience with PLA means a few technical errors on my part will likely arise. My status as a new 3D printer user means there are likely to be additional issues which need to be fixed during testing. FoxSmart will not be held accountable for any issues which are otherwise user error. The sole focus will be the filament and how it works under these conditions.


Ran a few tests to find out where it prints best on my machine. Started with the default cat. Meow.

195C was the ticket. Ensured proper retraction calibration for minimum stringing at 50mm/s retraction w/3mm distance. Min. travel of 1mm no skin combing.

Cube: Infill consistent and smooth. Zero issues while printing. Excellent layer adhesion at 195.

Gyro: Smooth. Looks like green ice cream.

I see a string. Note retraction settings calibrated prior to print. Check recommended temperature settings. NO RESULTS FOUND ON FOXSMART PAGE. This means two of the three times I've attempted to access their page for information on this filament the website has been down.


Aside from the two strings at 71% complete, this gyro is looking nice. Again. Ice cream.

Sharkz: Entirely uneventful print. I guess there was some light stringing, but that seems to have disappeared.

Post-print, there was some minor stringing, but nothing truly out of the ordinary.


This one wasn't properly vacuum sealed. Time to print a cat!

Less smooth. Less creamy. Nice and vibrant colour, but less satisfying.

Retraction testing: Stringing disappears at 50mm/s and distance of 4mm.

Cube: Consistent. No abnormalities.

Gyro 1: Inconsistent layers. May be an adhesion problem. May be shifting. Bottom layer did not adhere properly. I will re-print the gyro and see if any errors can be accounted for.

Gyro 2: Gave print head a good scrubbing. Tightened nozzle a bit. Cleaned glass. Applied hair spray. Started print job again, without the glue. Hair spray this time (can't find glue stick).

Thus far, it is printing nicely. It is 12% complete. Stringing issues which appeared before at this point are not present.

75%, zero issues. One string.

Sharkz: This printed properly the first time. There was a little bit of stringing which required removal before it operated smoothly, but it otherwise has good layer adhesion and consistency.

Sam : TPU & ABS

Translucent Green TPU Filament

Color: Translucent Green
Average diameter: 1.71mm ( 6 measurements over 6 feet: )
Printer: Flashforge Finder, MK10 with SS nozzle. Unheated bed with Gaffers tape

Best Settings:
Temperature 220C
Default .3 layer height, 50% infill, 40mm/s
Retract: 2.8mm @ 25mm/s pull and 10mm/s prime

20mm Cube: Clean cube with +/- .05mm accuracy

SHARKZ: Sharp print with excellent layer clarity and very point detail for TPU. Good bridging and although some bridge material touched the top surface below it, there was no fusing.

Gyro Rings: Perfect print with no cleanup or stringing. Due to the materials flexibility, rings separated easily.

Final thoughts In addition to the standard tests, I printed a pneumatic wheel for an RC Truck and a FPV camera mount for quadcopter. They printed very well, although any overhang that would require support will have a rough finish and need post print trimming and cleanup (this is typical for any flexible material). This TPU has a very attractive finish and would be a great option for display or fidget items along with its clear mechanical strengths. This is easily as good or better a TPU as any I've used and at compelling price point to boot. The filament unspooled fine although the spooling was haphazard and the small inner diameter spool is annoying since most of my printers have a 1.5" + diameter

Red ABS Filament

Color: Red
Average diameter: 1.72mm ( 6 measurements over 6 feet: )
Printer: MP Select Mini, stock hot end with .3mm nozzle and heated bed with a heavy duty ( 1/32") Kapton sheet

Best Settings:
Temperature 230C
Default .3 layer height, 50% infill, 50mm/s
Retract: 3.5mm @ 40mm/s pull & prime

20mm Cube: Nice cube with +/- .05mm accuracy and clean top surface.

SHARKZ: Good showcase of mechanical properties ( spring clip action consistent with usable amount of force). Clean layers, and flawless bridging. This print was executed with no brim or other adhesion helpers and there was zero warping even at the tips of the shark fins.

Gyro Rings: Perfect print with no fusing between the pin and divots.

Final thoughts: In addition to the standard tests, I printed a model spaceship with details such as .5mm diameter engine exhaust which it rendered flawlessly and some small, highly detailed pre-injection mold prototypes for client . This ABS was near odorless and printed with a very attractive finish. I would recommend it and will be purchasing more myself. As with the TPU, the filament unspooled fine although the spooling was again haphazard and the small inner diameter spool is still annoying.