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Contribute to the Filament Index

The end goal of this index is to have a sample from a wide enough range of manufactures to give a good picture of what the true or relative color of a filament is, as well as to compile a comprehensive list of filament manufactures. The wide range of filament available makes this a rather large undertaking, but one that people can easily contribute to.

Send in samples of your filament

Be you a manufacture or just someone who has a few spools of filament already, you can send in samples of whatever filament you have to have a sample printed and photographed to be added to the index. 10G (for basic PLA) or 3 meter / 10 feet of filament for each color is enough to print a sample swatch with plenty of extra just in case the inevitable printing mishap occurs. Please be sure to label each filament with type, color, manufacture, country of origin (if you have it) and any other relevant information. Please use twist ties, zip ties, strong tape, or resealable baggies to keep the filament from separating from its label and from becoming tangled with other samples.

Buy a sample box

Not all filament producers offer samples or spools smaller than 1kg. As result, I have wound up with quite a large amount of a wide range of filament! For those who would either like a wide range of colors in small amounts, want to see and test print a filament for themselves, or just want a smaller amount of a filament than the manufacturer offers, please see the currently offered filament samplers.


The simplest of options: Donate via PayPal

Other ways to contribute

Have a filament you've used and have thoughts on? Fill out this form

Know a US filament manufacture I don't have listed here? Send me their information!